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( 58 )

Green be the broom on Ellibraes,
And yellow be the gowan!
My wame it fistles ay like fleas.
As I come o'er the knowe, man;
My blessin's on that bonny knowe,
Our bed amang the heather.
Where sic a tuip to sic a ewe.
Was never matched thegither.

There I lay glowran to the moon.
Your mettle wadna daunton,
For hard your hurdies hotch'd aboon,
While I below lay pantin'.

The following is a M.S. version recovered by Scott Douglas:—

O Elibanks and Elibraes,
My blessin's aye befa' them,
They mind me o' the sunny days,
When first wi' thee I saw them,
Your succar kisses were sae sweet,
Deil haet if I can tell, man,
How ye gart me lay my legs abreed,
And lift my sark mysel', man.

I clasped my arms about your neck,
As I were gaun tae spiel, jo,
And cleek'd my houghs about your thies,
As souple as an eel, jo.
Your wauly p—t—e felt my grip
And made my senses reel, jo.
And when Jock thief inclin'd to slip,
I dang him wi' my heel, jo.

Oure Elibanks and Elibraes,
We wander'd at our will, jo.
Till tir'd o' pu'in' nits and slaes,
We drank of love our fill, jo;
My shepherd laddie, bless his breeks,
Kens whatna lassie loes him,
Deil rive my c—t to candle-weeks,
Gif ever I refuse him.