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Tune—"Ruffian's Rant."

An old song with internal evidence that it hails from the East coast.

 Coming o'er the Hills o' Coupar,
 Coming o'er the Hills o' Coupar,
 Donald in a sudden wrath,
 Ran his Highland dirk into her.

Donald Brodie met a lass,
 Coming o'er the Hills o' Coupar,
Donald wi' his Highland wand.
 Sounded a' the bits about her.

Coming o'er, &c. 

Weel I wat she was a quean
 Wad mak' a body's mouth to water;
Our mess John, wi's auld grey pow,
 His holy lips wad lickit at her.

Coming o'er, &c. 

Up she started in a fright,
 And o'er the braes what she could bicker,
Let her gang, said Donald now.
 For in her a—e my shot is sicker.

Coming o'er, &c.