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( xxii )

The Happy Bunter.
The Highland Laddie.
The Irish Root.
The Little Tenement.
The Mouse's Tail.
The Origin of the pox.
The Pious Parson.
The Plenipotentiary.
The Reels of Bogie.
The Ride to London.
The Tailor.
The Vigorous Courtezan.
The Wishes.
Toasts and Sentiments.
Una's Lock.
Letter to Robert Ainslie (Mauchline, March 3, 1788).
Letter to James Johnson.

It may be added that of the twelve songs ascribed to Burns four are to be found in his published works, and five are docketed "perhaps by Burns, but doubtful." When we find this generous guess hazarded on such a well-authenticated old production as "An'ra, and his cutty gun," we are justified in the conclusion that the compilation is mere guess work from beginning to end. Taken at the worst, it must be matter of congratulation, coming from such a quarter, that the sum total credited to Burns is set down at three songs net, out of seventy-eight—rather a slender pretext for hoisting such a sky-cleaving signboard.

No. IV. calls for no remark beyond the table of contents, which includes twenty-six additions whose origin is unmistakably revealed in their titles:—

The Dispute.
Parody on "Sweet's the love."
The British Fair.
Fair lady lay.
Gulliver in Lilliput.
Blue Bells of Ireland.
Paudieen O'RafEerty.
The Friar.
They all do it.
Would? you do it?
Father Paul.
Patrick Quimes.
Hall and Doll.
The Parson and Clerk.
Burlesque on the "Fair Thief."
The Wedding Night.
Comical Jack.
A Tender Young Maid.
The Double Blessing.
Amoret and Phillida.
A new way to pardon Sins.
The Marriage Morn.
The End.
A Sweet Young Maid.

In No. V. appears "The tailor cam' tae clout the claes," which appears in Herd's Collection, 1776. It is also given in No. III.