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( 102 )

Lochleven Castle heard the rair,
 An' Faulkland house the echo sounded;
Highland Donald gae a stare.
 The lassie sigh'd, but was nae wounded.]

Comin', &c. 

Tamie Tamson too was there,
 Maggie Birnie was his dearie.
He pat it in amang the hair,
 An' puddled there till he was weary.

Blyth, &c. 

When e'enin' cam the town was thrang,
 An' beds were no to get for siller;
When e'er they fand a want o' room,
 They lay in pairs like bread and butter.

Blyth, &c. 

Twa and twa they made the bed,
 An' twa an' twa they lay thegither;
When they had na room enough,
 Ilk ane lap on aboon the tither.

Blyth, &c. 

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