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( 134 )

So, Sandy Dow, be not ashamed
In sic' a quorum to be named;[1]
See, even himsel'—there's godly Bryan,[2]
The auld whatreck, he has been tryin';
When such as he put tae their han',
What man on character need stan'?
Then lift an honest face upon it,
When in a fau't, it's best to own it,
"I, Sandy Dow, gat Meg wi' wean,"
"An's just as fit to do't again;"[3]
Ne'er mind their solemn reverend faces,
Had they, in proper times and places,
But seen and fun'—I muckle dread it,
They just would dune as you and we did;
To tell the truth's a manly lesson,
An' doubly proper in a mason.[4]

For you, Jock Brown, sae black your fau't is,
Sae doubly dyed—we gi'e you notice,[5]
Unless you come to quick repentance,[6]
Acknowledge Jean's and your acquaintance,
Remember this shall be your sentence:—
Our beagles[7] to the Cross will tak' ye,
And there shall mither-naked mak' ye,
Some cannie grip near by your middle,

They shall it bind as tight's a fiddle,[8]
  1. In the Eg. Ver. this runs—

    Then, Brother Dow, if you're ashamed,
    In such a quorum to be named,
    Your conduct much is to be blamed.

  2. This and the three following lines are only found in the Eg. Ver.
  3. In the Eg. Ver. this runs—

    Then, Brither Dow, lift up your brow,
    And, like yoursel', the truth avow,
    Erect a dauntless face upon it,
    And say, "I am the man has done it,"
    "I, Sandy Dow, gat Meg wi' wean,
    An's fit to do as much again."

  4. The previous six lines are found only in the Eg. Ver.
  5. You, Monsieur Brown, as it is proven,
    Jean Mitchell's wame by you was hoven.—Eg Ver.
  6. Without you by a quick repentance.—Eg. Ver.
  7. Beadles.—Eg. Ver.
  8. This couplet found only in the Eg. Ver.