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1804, September 22 Harrison to Findlay Family and business affair 108
1804, October 1 Harrison Proclamation Dividing the territory of Louisiana into districts 109
1804, November 6 Harrison to Jefferson Personal concerning the bearer August Choteau 110
1804, November McKee to Indians Rebuking them for taking liquor from an English trader 111
1804, December 5 Proclamation Announcing that Indiana territory had passed to the second grade 112
1804, December 21 Harrison to August Chouteau Concerning government of Louisiana 113
1804 Harrison to Secretary of War Making provision for Ducoigne 114
1805, January 8 Dearborn to Jefferson Harrison's Claim to command the regular army of his district 115
1805, February 2 Harrison to Chouteau Introducing Michael Jones 116
1805, February 7

(This is with Harrison's letter of Nov. 15, 1805)

Resolutions of the territorial Legislature Concerning division of Indiana Territory 173
1805, March 19 Harrison to August Choteau Concerning the government of Upper Louisiana.. 116
1805, March 30 Indian chiefs to Wm. Wells Purchase of a tract of land by Harrison 117
1805, April 2 Clark to Harrison Describing the upper Missouri country 118
1805, April 5 Billy Patterson a Delaware chief to Wells Indian affairs 121
1805, April 6 Harrison to Secretary of War Rumors of an approaching Indian War 123
1805, April 7 Harrison to August Choteau Introducing Dr. Steel 124
1805, April M'Kee to the Wyandot, Ottawas, Chippewas, Potawatamies, Shawanese, Delawares, and Miamies 124
1805, April 18 Proclamation Calling for a new election of representatives from St. Clair county 125
1805, April 26 Harrison to Secretary of War Intended visit to Fort Wayne to explain to the dissatisfied tribes the terms of the recent treaty 125