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1808, September 1 Harrison to Secretary of War Leadership of the prophet, and his value to the United States 302
1808, September 9 Delawares to Harrison Concerning their relation to the whites 303
1808, September 27 Annual message of Harrison to second General Assembly Revenue, militia, horse-stealing, judiciary, Indian and National affairs 304
1808, October 6 Special message to the Legislative council Acknowledging answer to annual message 311
1808, October 10 Special message Concerning absent members of the legislative council Benjamin Chambers Samuel Gwathmey 311
1808, October 11 Harrison to Secretary of War Death of Mr. Campbell Indian agent Denouncing the insolence of the British traders 311
1808, October 12 Jesse B. Thomas to president Resolutions and nominations 312
1808, October 14 Special message Explaining the resignation of Samuel Gwathmey from the Legislative council 315
1808, October 18 Harrison to Jefferson Recommending the reappointment of John Gibson 359
1808, October 20 Special Message Needs of a revision of the militia law Universal military training 359
1808, October 20 Message to General Assembly Data on territorial finance 317
1808, October 24 Special message Fugitive criminals from Kentucky 318
1808, October 24 Special message Vetoing a bill for establishment of a new judiciary 319
1808, October 25 Special message Vetoing a bill concerning the attorney general 320
1808, October 25 Special message Notifying council of resignation of Samuel Gwathmey 320
1808, October 26 Special message Urging legislature to remove tax on work horses 321
1808, November 9 Harrison to Secretary of War Removal of the Prophet and followers to the Wabash 321