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do what you like with me: I am your mistress, your slave, your plaything and you are my God and my love! Oh, Darling! oh!"

There was a pause while I smiled at her extravagant praise, then suddenly she sat up and got out of bed: "You wanted to see my figure", she exclaimed, "here it is, I can deny you nothing; I only hope it may please you" and in a moment or two she showed herself nude from head to stocking.

As I had guessed, her figure was slight and lissom, with narrow hips but she had a great bush of hair on her Mount of Venus and her breasts were not so round and firm as Jessie's: still she was very pretty and well-formed with the fines attaches (slender wrists and ankles) which the French are so apt to over-estimate. They think that small bones indicate a small sex; but I have found that the exceptions are very numerous, even if there is any such rule.

After I had kissed her breasts and navel, and praised her figure, she disappeared in the bathroom but was soon with me again on the sofa which we had left an hour or so before.

"Do you know" she began, "my husband assured me that only the strongest young man could go twice with a woman in one day? I believed him; aren't we women fools! You must have come a dozen times?"

"Not half that number", I replied smiling. "Aren't you tired?" was her next question, "even I have a little headache" she added: "I never was so wrought up: at the end it was too intense: but you must be tired out."

"No," I replied, "I feel no fatigue, indeed I feel the better for our joy ride!"

"But surely you're an exception?" she went on; "most men have finished in one short spasm and leave