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the woman utterly unsatisfied, just excited and no more".

"Youth", I said, "that, I believe, makes the chief difference".

"Is there any danger of a child?" she went on, "I ought to say 'hope'," she added bitterly, "for I'd love to have a child, your child" and she kissed me.

"When were you ill last?" I asked.

"About a fortnight ago", she replied, "I often thought that had something to do with it".

"Why?" I asked: "tell truth!" I warned her and she began: "I'll tell you anything; I thought the time had something to do with it for soon after I am well each month my "pussy" that's what we call it, often burns and itches intolerably; but after a week or so I'm not bothered any more till next time. Why is that?" she added.

"Two things I ought to explain to you" I said, "your seed is brought down into your womb by the menstrual blood: it lives there a week or ten days and then dies and with its death your desires decrease and the chance of impregnation. But near the next monthly period, say within three days, there is a double danger again; for the excitement may bring your seed down before the usual time and in any case, my seed will live in your womb about three days, so if you wish to avoid pregnancy, wait for ten days after your monthly flow is finished and stop say four days before you expect it again, then the danger of getting a child is very slight."

"Oh, you wise boy!" she laughed, "don't you see you are skipping the time I most desire you, and that's not kind to either of us; is it?"

"There's still another way of evasion", I said, "get me to withdraw before I come the first time, or get up immediately and syringe yourself with