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An Hwui, province, 124.

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Anhui, province, 53.

Annapolis, Naval Academy at, Chinese students refused admission, 207.

Arch, Stone, marking boundary between Chêhkiang and Kiangsi, 83.

Arnold, Dr. Thomas, of Rugby, 31.

Arsenal, see Kiang Nan Arsenal.

Assam tea, see Tea.

Auburn Academy, Auburn, N. Y., 22.

Baltimore clipper ships, 80.

Barnes, Brigadier-General, of Springfield, Mass., 158.

Bartlett, Daniel, son of Rev. Shubael Bartlett, 26.

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Bartlett, Mrs. Fanny P., 24.

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Blue feather. Wearing of, mark of rank, 154; see also Rank.

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Bribery in Chinese government, one cause of Taiping rebellion, 119; see also Graft.

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Brown, Miss Rebekah, preceptress at Munson Academy, 28; also 189.

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Burlingame Treaty of 1868 disregarded, 208.

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