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Amongst the improvements, and one of the greatest importance to the future welfare of Oahu, or of these islands generally, I must not omit to mention with the warmest approbation the school for the children of mixed parents, where they are instructed not only in all the branches of British charity education, but also in the English language. I was astonished at their proficiency. This school is supported by voluntary contributions of the white residents, and those frequenting the port, and is under the especial supervision of the ladies resident — particularly of the Consul's family.

Some of the specimens of needlework exibited to tempt our patronage were beautiful. These were the productions of children not exceeding eight years of age.

The example of these children at some future period will, it is to be hoped, materially tend to improve the society of Oahu.

In the present state of missionary thraldom they cannot much longer continue. The introduction of a clergyman, and the ordinary course of devotion, must soon supersede the present system. Such a friend to advise the king would probably cure all the heart-burnings which at present distract the community. His disposition is good, the people have ever been mild and amiable, or they would never have submitted to the yoke which galls them. The course they are at present pursuing is equally opposed to their feelings and their interests. The civilized world has from

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