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Pretty Town of Chilpantzingo.—Inn at Acaquisotla.—Widow and daughters at Dos Caminos.—Goître family at Tierra Colorada.—Muleteer family at Alto Cameron.—Well informed host at Dos Arroyos.—Arrive at Acapulco.

Mr. Barcaistegie, who was acting as British Consul at the port of Acapulco, sent me a letter by the courier, requesting that I would forward to him a notice from Dos Arroyos, sixteen leagues from the port, in order that he might come to meet and conduct me to a house which he had prepared for my accommodation. I proceeded on in great spirits to Chilpantzingo, and took up my abode in a clean cottage-like residence. We were waited upon by a decent motherly woman, assisted by her son, a respectable lad of eighteen years of age. Chilpantzingo is a pretty town, with about 1200 inhabitants, and a good parish church, besides chapels. It is by no means