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a disagreeable or unhealthy place to live in, and there are many spots, in the centre of the town, which is intersected by a deep ravine, at the bottom of which flows a small river, where some villas might be erected, to great advantage.

Having set off about seven o'clock on the 27th, we arrived at a village called Acaquisotla, about three in the afternoon, and put up at a venta which seemed more like a regular inn than any we had met with on our journey from the capital. Three or four persons were halting here, who had come up from the coast, and were proceeding on to Mexico. On the other side of the road, opposite to the venta, was a small sugar-mill, worked by two mules: I understood it was constantly employed, and had been at work from time immemorial. The dinner was served on some fine old pieces of china of different patterns and sizes: they probably formed part of the first importations from Pekin, and were destined for some of the grandees of