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Advertisement, the tenth Muse, 71
Æsthetic Papers, Hawthorne's contributions to.
Alcott, Amos Bronson.
Aliston, Washington.
American Magazine of Useful and
  Entertaining Knowledge, The, Hawthorne edits.
American Monthly Magazine, The;
  Hawthorne's contributions to;
  Benjamin writes of Hawthorne in.
Andrews, Ferdinand, a Salem printer.
Androscoggin Loo Club.
Annuals, contemporary opinion of.
Arbella, the ship.
Athenæum Society at Bowdoin College.
Athenæum, The London, favorable
  notice of Hawthorne in.
Atherton, Senator Charles G., meets Hawthorne.
Atlantic Monthly, The, Hawthorne's contributions to.
Atlantic Souvenir, The, Philadelphia.
Augusta, Maine, Hawthorne visits Bridge at.
Austin, William, so-called "American predecessor"
  of Hawthorne.

Bacon, Delia, Hawthorne's kindness to.
Bancroft, George, appoints Hawthorne
  weigher and ganger in Boston Custom House;
  offers Hawthorne a clerkship in Charlestown
  Navy Yard.
Benjamin, Park, recognizes Hawthorne's genius;
  coolness of Hawthorne toward.
Bewick Company, The, Boston.
Blithedale Romance, The, estimate of;
  external realism of.
Blodgett, Mrs., with whom Hawthorne
  boarded at Liverpool.
Boston American Stationers' Company.
Boston Athenæum.
Boston Miscellany, The, "A Virtuoso's
  Collection" published in.
Bowditch family, the.
Bowdoin College;
  simplicity of;
  Hawthorne's distinguished classmates in.
Boys' and Girls' Magazine, The,
  Hawthorne's contributions to.
Bradford, George P.
Bradley, Rev. Caleb, Hawthorne tutored by.
Bremer, Fredrika.
Bridge, Horatio, Hawthorne's early confidant;
  Hawthorne's letters to, quoted;
  his friendship for;
  guarantees publication of "Twice-Told Tales";
  again aids Hawthorne;
  Hawthorne assists in revising
  "Journal of an African Cruiser";
  his "naval picnic," _note_;
  visits Hawthorne in Berkshire;
  "a reliable friend,".