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BOOKS SUITABLE FOR PRESENTS. Price. s. d. CHANNEL ISLANDS, Rambles among the 3 CHAPTERS on COMMON THINGS of the SEASIDE. By Anne Pratt 40 CHARLIE and WALTER 10 CHEMISTRY of CREATION 5 CHILD COMFORTERS, The 10 CHILDREN of OAKFORD FARM, The 16 DEWDROP and the MIST. By Charles Tomlinson, Esq. New Edition 3 6 ELDAD the PILGRIM 3 EVENINGS at the MICROSCOPE. By P. H. Gosse, F.R.S. 6 FIRESIDE TALES. 2 Vols 3 6 FLOWERS of the FIELD. By the Rev. C. A. Johns ..70 FOREST TREES. 2 Vols. By Ditto 7 6 FROZEN STREAM, The. New and enlarged Edition. By C. Tomlinson, Esq 2 6 GARDENING fur CHILDREN. By the Rev. C. A. Johns 2 HARRIETTE CLIFFORD 2 HARRY'S BATTLES ; and how he fought them .... 1 HISTORY of ENGLAND, for Young Persons .... 2 HOW CHARLEY HELPED HIS MOTHER. By Ruth Buck 10 HYMNS and PICTURES. 16 Colored Plates . gilt edges 4 ILLUSTRATIONS of USEFUL ARTS, MANUFAC- TURES and TRADES. By Charles Tomlinson, Esq.

Woodcuts. In 1 Vol. 4to. 8 

JOHNNY WESTON ; or, Christmas Eve at the White House 1 6 LIFE of NELSON 2 6 LIFE of WELLINGTON 2 LILIAN'S YE AR ; and the Lessons it taught her ....10 LITTLE LUCY. By Mrs. W. Glennie Smith 16