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BOOKS SUITABLE FOR PRESENTS. Price. s. d. MARGARET ARNOLD. A Tale 2 MARGARET LESLIE 2 6 MONTHLY FLOWER GARDEN, The. Edited by the Rev. C. A. Johns. 12 Colored Plates 18 MONTHLY GLEANINGS from the FIELD and GAR- DEN. Edited by Ditto. 24 Colored Plates 3 6 MONTHLY WILD FLOWERS. Edited by Ditto ... 1 8 MONTHLY WINDOW FLOWERS. Edited by Ditto . 1 8 NELLIE and ALICE 10 OCEAN, The. By P. H. Gosse, F.R.S 4 6 OUR NATIVE SONGSTERS. By Anne Pratt. 73 Colored Plates 8 PARIS, RAMBLES ROUND. By the Rev. C. A. Johns . 3 PENNY WISE and POUND FOOLISH. By Mrs. Caiiey Brock 2 6 PICTURE BOOKS for CHILDREN— ANIMALS. By the Rev. C. A. Johns 1 PICTURES and STORIES for LITTLE CHILDREN. By Isabella E. Glennie 10 PITCAIRN ; the Island, the People, and the Pastor. By the Rev. T. B. Murray, M.A 2 READINGS from ENGLISH HISTORY, for CHILDREN 2 ROBINSON CRUSOE 4 SCENES and NARRATIVES from the EARLY HISTORY ofthe UNITED STATES of AMERICA 2 SCRIPTURE MANNERS and CUSTOMS. New Edition. 6 SCRIPTURE NATURAL HISTORY 4 SCRIPTURE TOPOGRAPHY— PALESTINE and GEN- TILE WORLD each Q SELBORNE, NATURAL HISTORY of. By the late Rev. Gilbert White, A.M. Arranged for Young Per- sons. A new and revised Edition 5