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hip. (Ill. 38.) If the figure is slight, this extension which comes from the plait can be trimmed off.

To lengthen a gored skirt pattern, cut across each gore six inches below the hipline and separate the pieces as much as necessary. (Ill. 39.)

In very rare cases it is sometimes necessary to alter the length of a skirt pattern as much as four or five inches. In an extreme case of this kind it is better to make half the alteration six inches below the hip as shown in the Illustrations 38 and 39, and the other half at the lower edge of the pattern, turning up the lower edge to shorten it and adding to it to lengthen it.

In a circular skirt the pattern should be altered at the lower edge.

LENGTHENING OR SHORTENING A STRAIGHT SKIRT PATTERN—The length of a straight skirt can be altered at the bottom, turning up the lower edge if it is too long and adding more length in cutting if it is short.

DRAPED SKIRT PATTERNS, TUNIC SKIRT PATTERNS, ETC.—If it is necessary to alter the length of a draped skirt pattern or a tunic skirt pattern, or a pattern with tucks or marks for trimmings, alter it according to the instructions given on the pattern envelope. The position for the alteration will vary with the skirt.