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The New Dressmaker, 1921, Ill. No. 0069.jpgIll. 69. The Finish for a Camisole Lining THE LINING. If the waist has a lining it should be made before the outside waist. The lining in a dress waist protects the dress across the shoulders, holds it in place on the body and holds the dress-shields.

REFINFORCING. For a stout figure the waist lining should be reinforced. (Ill. 73. page 40.) Before basting the darts or side front seams baste an extra piece of the lining to the front of the waist to the underarm seam. It should reach from the bottom of the lining to just under the bust. When the darts and seams are basted the reinforced pieces are included in the seams.

In a waist fastening at the back, the back portions should be reinforced to a corresponding height.

The New Dressmaker, 1921, Ill. No. 0070.jpgIll. 70. The finish for a Blouse Lining PUTTING THE LINING TOGETHER. Baste all the pieces together, carefully, following the Deltor for putting together or the Illustrated Instructions included in the pattern.

Put the lining on, bringing the two closing edges together. Pin them carefully, placing the first pin at the waistline. Smooth the lining over the figure both front and back and be careful that the waistline of the lining is at the waistline of the figure. Make any little alteration at the outlet seams and at the front edge

A blouse or camisole lining (Ills. 69 and 70) should be a little easier in fitting than a fitted lining except when the