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NET FLATTINGS are used at the edges of garments of Georgette, silk, silk muslin and batiste.

RIBBON and satin plaitings are used on garments of Georgette, net, thin silk and batiste.

LITTLE colored flowers usually made of satin, Georgette or ribbon are used on finer underwear, especially at the top of flounces. Rosettes are also used on fine underwear. Many silk garments are finished with bandings and cordings of the underwear materials. Edges are often finished with nicot and sometimes have several rows of machine-stitching above the edge, either straight, scalloped or in points.

LACE is used on almost all underwear. It is usually a machine lace, though on the finer underwear certain real laces are used, such as Valenciennes, Irish, filet and Binche. The different ways in which you can use lace as a trimming are given in Chapter 27, pages 134–136.

RUFFLES are frequently used for trimming on petticoats and drawers when full styles are in fashion. (See Chapter 27, pages 132–133.)