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you make such cruel advances to them, that is only your loss. For this day give them leave, and tomorrow I myself shall bring them with me, and do as thou do'st bid me.

Wood.   Attend to your own business. What concern have you with another's affairs? Sadhu, give your opinion quickly, and it is my dinner time.

Sadhu.   What is the use of waiting for my opinion? You have already marked off the four bigahs of the most productive land; and the Amin has, to-day, marked off the remaining part. The land is marked without my consent, the Indigo shall be prepared in the same way; and I also agree to prepare it without taking any advances.

Wood.   Do you say my advances are all fictitious, you cursed wretch, bastard and heretic (beats him).

Nobin.   (Covers with his hand the back of Sadhu). My Lord, this poor man has many to support in his family. Owing to the beating he has got, I think, he will be confined in bed for a month. Oh! What pains his family is suffering! Sir, you have also your family. Now, what sorrow would affect the mind of your wife if you were taken prisoner at your dinner-time?

Wood.   Be silent thou fool, braggart, low fellow, cow-eater. Don't think that this Magistrate is like that one of Amaranagara, that you can, for every word, lay complaints before him, and imprison the men of the Factory. The Magistrate of Indrabad is as death to you. You rascal, you must first give me a hand-note to state you have received the advance for sixty bigahs of land, or else I shall not let you go this day. I shall break your head with this Shamchand, you stupid. It is owing to your not taking advances, that I have not been able to force advances on ten other villages.

Nobin.   (With heavy sighs) O my mother Earth! Separate yourself that I may enter into you. In my life I never suffered such an insult. O, Oh!

Gopi.   Babu Nobin, better go home, no use of making fuss.