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Nobin.   Sadhu, call on God. He is the only support of the helpless.

(Nobin Madhab goes away

Wood.   Thou slave of the slave! Take him to the factory, Dewan, and give him the advance according to rules.

(Wood goes away

Gopi.   Sadhu, come along to the factory. Does the Saheb forget his words? Now ashes have fallen on your ready-made rice; the Yama[1] of Indigo has attacked you, and you have no safety.



Goluk Chunder Basu's Hall

Enter Soirindri preparing a hair-string

Soirindri.   I never did prepare such a piece of hair-string. The youngest Bou[2] is the most fortunate, since whatever I do in her name proves successful. The hair-string I have made, is the thinnest possible. According to the hair, the hair-string is made. Oh! how beautiful the hair is; it is like unto that of the Goddess Kali[3]. The face is as the lotus, always smiling. People say two sister-in-laws never agree. I don't attend to that. For my part, I feel pleasure when I see the face of the youngest Bou. I consider the youngest Bou in the same light, as I do Bipin. The youngest Bou loves me as her own mother.

Saralota enters with a braid in hand

Saralota.   My sister, just see whether I have been able to make the under part of this braid? Is it not made?

  1. Yama: Death, the king of Terror.
  2. Bou: This is a term which is applied to one's son's wife; but sometimes, though rarely, it means wife.
  3. Kali: One of the Hindu goddesses. She is of very dark complexion and has a luxuriant growth of hair.