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Khetro.   The elder brother of my husband was much displeased at seeing the curls in my hair. He told our mistress (mother-in-law), that curls agree best with prostitutes and women of rich families. I was so much ashamed at hearing his words, that from that very day I cut off my curls.

Soirindri.   Youngest Bou, the shades of evening are spreading about; just go, my sister, and bring the clothes.

Enter ADURI again

Saralota.   (Standing up). Aduri, come with me; let us go up, and bring down the clothes.

Aduri.   Let young Haldar first come home, ha! ha! ha!

(Ashamed Saralota goes away

Soirindri.   (With anger, yet laughing) Go thou unfortunate fool; at every word, you joke. Where is my mother-in-law?


Yes, she is come.

Sabitri.   Ghose Bou, art thou come, and hast thou brought your daughter with you? Yes, you have done well. Bipin was making a noise, therefore, I sent him out and am come here.

Reboti.   My mother, I bow down before you, Khetro, bow down before your grandmother.

(Khetromany bows down

Sabitri.   Be happy, be the mother of seven sons. (Coughing Aside) My eldest Bou, just go into the room. I think my son is up. Oh! my son has no regular time for bathing, neither for taking food. My Nobin is become very weak by mere vain thoughts—(Aside "Aduri") Oh! my daughter, go in soon. I think, he in asking for water.

Soirindri.   (Aside, to Aduri) Aduri, calling for you.

Aduri.   Calling for me, but asking for you.

Soirindri.   Thou burnt-faced! Sister Ghose meet me another day.

(Exit Soirindri