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Welcome, my dear sister, I have been sending for you for these many days; still I see, you don't get time to come. O our youngest Bou, here take your Khetro; here she is come (To Reboti). She was troubling me for these days, saying, "My sister Khetromany of the Ghose family, is come from her father-in-law's house; then, why is she not yet coming to our house?"

Reboti.   Yes such is your love towards us. Khetro, bow down before your aunts. 

(Khetromany bows down

Soirindri.   Remain with your husband for life; wear vermilion even in your white hair; let your iron circlet[1] continue for ever and the next time you go to your father-in-law's house, take your new-born son with you.

Aduri.   The young Haldarni speaks most fluently before me; but this young girl bowed down before her; and she spoke not a single word.

Soirindri.   Oh! what of that! Aduri, just go and call our mother-in-law here. 

(Aduri goes away

The fool knows not what she says. For how many months is she[2] with child!

Reboti.   Did I yet express that; the bad turn of my fortune (broken forehead) is such, that I yet cannot say whether that is actually the case or not. It is because that you are very familiar with us, that I tell it you—at the end of this month she will be in her fourth month.

Saralota.   But her belly has not yet bulged!

Soirindri.   What madness! She has not yet completed her third month and you expect a bulged belly!

Saralota.   Khetro, why did you cut off the curls of your hair?

  1. The iron circlet worn by a woman on her left hand is the mark or sign of the husband being alive.
  2. She: refers to Khetromany.