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10 s. XIL SEPT. 11, 1909.] NOTES AND QUERIES.


dispersal extended over ten days." So the 4 .ZEdes Strawberrianae ' is correct as a record of purchasers and prices, and further con- firmation is provided by The Morning Post, which printed full reports of each day's sale.

The two parts of the ' ^Edes Strawberrianae' were compiled by J. H. Burn as well as published by him. Before me is a bill by him for the various parts of the Catalogue supplied to a client :

Bot. of J. H. Burn,

102, St. Martin's Lane.

1842. s. d.

Sept. 24th. Print Sale Catalogue 26

Prices to both Sales 10 6

Crofton Croker's Gooseberry

Hall 2

The principal Catalogue, costing 7s. Qd., is not charged.

Of works describing Strawberry Hill, I venture to supplement MR. MERRITT'S note by the following, extracted from the sale catalogue of Thomas Kirkgate's collec- tions, sold by King & Lochee, 3 Dec., 1810 : Lot 403. ^Edes Walpolianae, 1767, plates. Lot 404. Ditto, plates of Strawberry Hill, 1770,

and Catalogue priced, and a bill for

cleaning pictures. Lot 407. Description of the Villa at Strawberry

Hill, small edition, scarce, 1774. Lot 409. ib., large paper of the small edition,


Lot 410. for shewing the House, very scarce.

Lot 411. large edition, plates, ib., 1784.


SCOTTISH MARKET CUSTOMS (10 S. xii. 121). The interesting note under the above heading can be amplified to a considerable extent by those who have studied ancient church, borough, and other records of Scotland. The demoralizing results of the battle of Flodden will, perhaps, never be fully realized, but this crushing defeat had for some years the effect of stultifying proper administration of law, justice, and order. Records prove this to have been the case.

MR. LINDSAY HILSON refers to the Act of James IV., which prohibited fairs and markets at kirks and in their yards. In 1538 there are letters forbidding the holding of open markets in Cunningham, an excep- tion being Irvine, based on the fact that it was of " auld infeft in free burro wage." Very much to the point is " laitlie in this trublus tyme sen the feild of Flowdoun " ; and " Merchandes, chepman, and utheris oure lieges makis plane mercattis upoun all Sondays at paroch kirkes " ; Kilmarnock being named with other towns. We are further informed that at these markets

" hyde, woll, skynnis, meill, fische, flesche, are sold, and chapman haldis plane buthis and sellis all manner of small merchandice and cramry ware." It will thus be seen that these dealers or merchants were so indepen- dent of law and order that they refused to attend the ordinary market-place on market day. It was also ordered that " nane of thame tak upoun hand to use merchandes at ony kirkis within Cunningham uthiris nor meit and drink, except pure chepman that beris thair pakkis upoun their bakkis."

That the public markets of Edinburgh were held on Sunday as late as 1560 is evi- dent from the magistrates' order that in future the market was to be held on Satur- day, instead of the Sabbath, and that no shops or taverns should be opened during divine service, &c. There were not any fixed market-places in Edinburgh till 1477, when James III., by letters patent, ordained them to be held in certain localities ; thus the " Sautmarket " was "to be halden in Nudreis wynde."

Reference is made by MR. HILSON to Hawick : the Act in favour of Lord Drum- lanrig, in 1669, for two additional yearly fairs, provided "in all time coming for buying and selling of horse, nolt, sheip, fish, flesh, meill, malt, and all sort of grain, cloth, lining, and woollen, and all maner of merchant wair " ; with power to " uplift the tolls," &c., " as done in other fairs."

The difference between " fairs " and " markets " would seem a little difficult to specify. ALFRED CHAS. JONAS.

Thornton Heath.

FREEMAN ON GLADSTONE'S ' STUDIES ON HOMER' (10 S. xii. 170). The quotation wanted is to be found in Freeman's ' His- torical Essays,' Second Series, 1880, p. 94. F. G. HALEY, Librarian.

National Liberal Club.

WESTMINSTER ABBEY : THE WESTERN TOWERS (10 S. xii. 64). I presume the " Fleetcraft " referred to is Henry Flitcroffc (1697-1769) the architect to whose memory a Latin inscription was placed by his son on the outer tower wall of Teddington Church, Middlesex. I copied it thence in 1886.


SEVENTEENTH-CENTURY QUOTATIONS (10 S. x. 127, 270, 356, 515 ; xi. 356). No. 24, " Salus civium }. in legibus consistit," is from Aristotle V' t Rhetoric,' i. 4,^ 12, tv yap rots VO/AOIS ecTTlv 17 o~(i)TY)pia rr)? TroAcws.


Europaischer Hof, Wildungen.