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10 lh S. V. FEB. 3, 1906.]


daughter of Mr. Henry Pickering, rector of the Parish."

Again, at p. 210 :

" Boniface Pickering was Patron from 1568 on- wards, during which time Henry Pickering was Rector for ten years, dying in 1657." [He appears to be the only incumbent of the name of Pickering.]

In Baker's ' History of Northampton ' is given the Dryden pedigree, in which Erasmus Dryden, of Titchmarsh, who was buried in the "Pickering vault," 18 June, 1654, cet. 66, married Mary, daughter of the Rev. Henry Pickering, rector of Aldwinckle, also buried in the Pickering vault at Titchmarsh, 14 June, 1676. Baker states that the poet Dryden was born at Aldwinckle, 1631, and married Eliza- beth, youngest daughter of Thomas Howard, Earl of Berkshire. She died 1 May, 1701.

Maunder's * Biographical Treasury ' states (under the poet Dryden)*that in 1657 he was secretary to his relation Sir Gilbert Picker- ing, who was one of Cromwell's Council ; that he was made Poet-Laureate in 1667, and was buried in Westminster Abbey, 1700.

Elizabeth Creed, only surviving daughter of Sir Gilbert Pickering, first baronet, is responsible for a number of excellent epitaphs in Titchmarsh Church. Amongst these, in 1722, in the eightieth year of her age, she wrote this :

" Here lies the honoured remains of Erasmus Dryden, esq., and Mrs. Mary Pickering, his wife. He was the third son of Sir Erasmus Dryden, an ancient Baronet, who lived with great honour in this country in the reign of Queen Elizabeth. Mr. Dryden was a very ingenious worthy Gentleman and Justice of the Peace in this county. He married Mrs. Mary Pickering, daughter of the Reverend Dr. Pickering, of Aldwinkle, and Granddaughter of Sir Gilbert Pickering, Kb. Of her it may be truly said," &c.

In searching the Visitations of North- amptonshire we find that a gap occurs between those of 1564 and those of 1618-9. Wotton remarks on this gap in 'The English Baronetage,' vol. iv. pp. 346-7, London, 1741:

"Sir Gilbert Pickering, of Titchmarsh, Knt., eldest son and heir [of John Pickering, of Titch- marsh]. N.B. By the Inquisition I think it plain that the vacuum between the two visitations is rightly filled up, and the age of Sir John, successor to Sir Gilbert, very well answers ; but this Sir Gilbert's Lady or younger children cannot by it be found."

In the 'Visitations, Northants, made in 1564 and 1618-9,' edited by Walter C. Met- calf, F.S A., London, 1887, we find that Sir Gilbert Pickering, of Titchmarsh, Knt. (son and heir of John Pickering, of Titchmarsh),

married Elizabeth, daughter of Haggard,

of Born, Cambs, and had issue John Picker-

ing, of Titchmarsh, son and heir 1619, who- married Susan, daughter of Erasmus Dryden of Canons Ashby, Northants, Esq.; Mary ' Frances, sp.; Elizabeth, uxor of Robert Horsman, of Kensington, co. Middlesex.

The tombstone evidence mentioned above would add another son to Sir Gilbert's issue- According to Metcalf), viz., Kev. Dr. Picker- ing, who, according to Whalley-Bridges, was Henry Pickering, rector of Aldwinckle, who- died in 1657, sepult. Aldwinckle, thus : Here lyeth the body of Henry Pickering Rector of this Church the space of 10' year's

Who departed this life the day of September^

1657, OB t. 73.

Lucy Pickering, whose will is dated 6 July,. 1680, is probably another child of Sir Gilbert Pickering, and "her brother Mr. John Pickering, deceased," was physician of Ald- winckle, and lus arms prove his identity A brass in Aldwinckle All Saints', fixed on the wall in the fourth aisle, bears the following arms and inscription : Ermine, a lion ram- pant (azure, for Pickering), quartering three- chaplets (gules, for Lascelles). Crest, a lion's gamb. (erect and erased az., armed or, Pickering).

Veni Creator. Here resteth the body of John Pickering

Physitian, Who dyed the 8th day of October, 1659.


Reader thou art sick to death, more danger in Thy soul the less thou feelest, purge out thy sin - Oh seeke to live (I studied cures) and found Christ's precious blood left balm for every wound - Dear eye, peruse, refourme, redeem, fulfill My lines, thy life, thy tyme, God's holie will

Abi Viator.

The deceased I. P. wrote this epitaph 1652, jet. Ivi. Lucy's " sister Susanna P." might refer to her sister-in-law, Sir John Pickering's wife Susan or Susanna Dryden. "Her sister Mrs. Mary Allin," is perhaps the daughter- quoted by Metcalf in the 'Visits. Northants ' As Edward Dryden married Elizabeth, sister of Sir Thomas Allen, or Allin, and daughter of Edward Allen, or Allin, of Finchley, it is not at all improbable that Mary Pickering also married into this family. * Her nephew Sir Henry Pickering" is very probably the baronet of \\ haddon (created 1661 ; and ifc may be he that was knighted 1 Feb , 1657 - see Metcalf, l A Book of Knights '). G. E C '

Complete Baronetage,' states, "Sir Henry

Pickering, 1st Bart, of Whaddon, was the only son of the Rev. Henry Pickering D D rector of Aldwincle"; and if this be 'the case, it affords sufficient proof that Lucy must have been a sister to the Rev. Henry- Pickering, since how else could she