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ii s. xi. MAY 29, i9i5.] NOTES AND QUERIES.



CONTENTS. No. 283.

NOTES: An Alphabet of Stray Notes, 413 -A College Hall-book of 1401-2, 415 London's " Little Germany " Dublin Street- and Place-Names, 416 "Born": "Borne steycl "Highland Transatlantic Emigrants-Sir Audley Mervyn, Knt., Speaker of the Irish House of Commons, 417

'QUERIES : John Lilburne Selina Bunbury " The Lion and the Unicorn" Lope de Vega's Ghost Story, 417 Macaulay's 'Lord Bacon' Major Grose and Capt Williamson Camden's Pupils at Westminster School 'The Protector 'The "Dominion" of Canada " Janus " To " with Ellipsis of the Infinitive, 418' Remedies against Discontentment,' 419.

REPLIES : Cromwell's Ironsides, 419 Parishes in Two or More Counties Edward Tyrrell Smith Fa wcett Recorder of Newcastle, 421 Origin of Medal Dedication of Preston Church, Lancashire, 422 Monsieur de Breva Early Lords of Alenc.on Dr. Edmund Halley's Ancestry Joseph Hill, Cowper's Friend and Correspondent' La BrabaiK'onne,' 423.

NOTES ON BOOKS : ' Studies and Notes supplementary to Stubbs's Constitutional History ' ' Bulletin of the John Ry lands Library.'

Notices to Correspondents.


(See ante, pp. 261, 293, 334, 375.

Newcastle - upon - Tyne. Grammar School mentioned in the dedication to the Mayor and Corporation of two sermons by Rob. Jenison on ' Israel's Idolatrie/ 4to, Lond., 1621.

Northleach. Dialogues, Gr. Lat., for the use of the school, published by W. Jack- son in 1666.

Organs. By Laur. Plasseys at Glastonbury in 1508. ' Catalogue of Sale of Craven Ord's Library,' 1829, No. 527, p. 26.

" Orgaynes " in Upwell Church, Nor- folk, in 1575. Ashmole MS. 792, part ii.. f. 20*.

J. Strong, a blind man at Carlisle, made two organs. -Gent. Mag., March, 1798, p. 261.

Oxford. 1280. " Die martis in Septimana Paschse videlicet in festo Sancti Georgii facta est tarn vehemens inundatio aqure pluvialis apud Oxon., quanta vel qualis

non est visa eo tempore anni a triginta retro annis et amplius." Digby MS. 168, (Bodl.) f. 156.

" Scolse superiores ubi bos depinge- batur," 1317. Rental of Oseney Abbey Oseney Rolls, 57. (Bodl. ) 1 324, Roll 58.

" Corneferia," the Corn Market so called in a deed dated 14 Dec., 1324 (18 Edw. II.). Charters, Bodl. 495.

The Hospital of St. John B. had a " great school " in Cat Street. Magd. Coll. Charters ; St. Mary the V., 56.

Ch. Ch. Notice of University Sermon there and of the Cathedral service on 10 June, 1663, in Monconys's ' Journal des Voyages,' ] 666, vol. ii. pp. 49-50.

Edmund Hall. List of plate and furniture in the buttery and kitchen in 1707, given in to the Vice -Chancellor by Mr. Pearson, the Principal, entered on a fly-leaf at the end of the Convocation Register B d 31. Paper. Gilt-edged paper used by W. Herle in 1584 for a report addressed to Queen Elizabeth. Rawl. MS. C. 424.

Parchment. Obtained from Scotland c. 1130-40 for writing a specially fine Bible in the library of St. Edmund's Bury, because none fine enough could be found in the neighbourhood. ' Memorials of St. Edm. B.,' vol. ii., 1892, p. 290.

Paris. Description of the corrupt manners of University of Paris in the twelfth century ; nicknames of various nations &c. Digby 16, (Bodl.) ff. 128-34.

Penn (William). Petition from Springett Penn, his grandson, and Hannah Penn, his widow, in [1725] to George I. for appointment of Major Patr. Gordon to be Deputy -Governor of Pennsylvania. Signed by both. State Paper Office, ' America and West Indies,' vol. xxviii.

Perambulations. Woodcut of Edw. Finch, Vicar of Ch. Ch., London, going on peram- bulation in his surplice and tippet, or hood, on title-page of the petition and articles ex- hibited against him in Parliament in 1641.

Pershore. Account of Gervase, Abbot of Perfihore, elected 1204, at the end of Bodley MS. 209.

?ews. On rights to pews, specially on the retention of pews by persons who have left the district, see a dissertation by C. H. Hornius, ' Circa Jura .... Sub- selliorum in Templis,' 4to, Vitemb., 1714, p. 36.