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NOTES AND QUERIES. [ii B. XL MAY 29, 1915.

Piddington, Northamptonshire. Condition of the church, &c., in 1641.' A Certificate from Northamptonshire,' 1641, p. 3.

Pole (Cardinal). Many letters of his to Pope Julius III. are in the Corsini Library at Rome ; and some of these, with particulars of his life, are in Gachard's ' Bibliotheque des Princes Corsini,' 8vo, Bruxelles, 1869.

Post Office. Plan for a penny post for London and Westminster, with deliveries fifteen times a day, temp. Charles II. ; a broadside (BodL Col. Pamph. 2228.) Apparently by Robert Murray. See a pamphlet entitled ' Corporation - Credit,' 1682.

Preston-[Deanery], Northants. Condition of the church, living, &c., in 1641. ' A Certificate from Northamptonshire,' 1641, p. 5.

Printing. Called " ars formularia " in the colophon to Dionysius Areop., fol., Par., 1498.

Psalms. Metrical versions of Psalms xv., cxxx., cxlii., and Ixxxvi., pp. 69-76 of ' Joy in Tribulation,' published by S. Jerome, 8vo, Lond, 1613.

Pullen (Joe). Mentioned as being made famous by his tree in Hanbury's ' Essay on Planting,' 1758, p. 18.

Ramsay (General Sir James). Notices of him ^in Balth. Henckel's ' Epistolse Car- cerales,' Holm., 1640.

Red-letter Days in Almanacs. The days of the sun's entering the zodiac limned with red letters as well as the feasts. Th. Holland's sermon in 1599 for the day of Queen Elizabeth's accession ; Oxford, 1601.

Riddles (Pictorial). These, which have been recently introduced into juvenile magazines as a new thing, are fonnd at the end of some of the old editions of Horse, viz., devout sentences expressed in woodcuts, with the accompanying explanation. They are found, e.g., in ' Heures a lusaige de Rome,' 8vo, Par., Nic. Higman, about 1517 ; Par., Jehan de Brie, about 1512 ; and Par., Germ. Hardouyn, about 1525.

Rotherham School, Yorkshire. See Part IV. of C. Hoole's ' Art of Teaching School,' 1660, pp. 230-31.

Sackbuts. Two very clearly represented in F. Sandford's ' Coronation of James II.,' 1687.

Sanfoin. First planted in England at Daylesford in Worcestershire. Rawl. MS. (Bodl.) D. 1481, f. 261.

Schools. " Scolemayster " at Scarborough,, a layman, and bailiff of the town, temp.. Hen. IV. Rawl. MS. (Bodl.) C. 655, f. 56,

Slaves. Decided in Cartwright's case (for flogging a slave), 11 Eliz., that English air was too pure for a slave to live in. See Lilburne's ' Case,' 1645.

Spanish Armada. A thanksgiving hymn for preservation from it, words and music by P. Turner, M.D., is appended to Pygge's ' Meditations,' &c., 1589.

Standing and sitting in Church. Persons at Richmond in the habit of sitting at ease during Confession, prayers, Creed, and Gloria, and " rising devoutly with hats or hands over eyes " at the prayer before the sermon, 1696. Rawl. MS. (Bodl.) D. 857, f. 69 b .

Standing in singing psalms, and at the reading of the Lord's Prayer in the Second Lesson, condemned as an " odd- ness," &c., in ' A Letter to an Inhabitant of St. Andrew's, Holborri, about New Ceremonies in the Church,' 8vo, Lond., 1717. St. Andrew's was Sacheverell's parish.

Standing at singing in church recom- mended for adoption in 1749 in 'Free and Candid Disquisitions relating to the Church of England,' by the Rev. John Jones who refers for the same suggestion to Burroughs's ' Devout Psalmodist.'

Stars. " Utrum cadant stellcB cum videntur cadere. Utrum animate sint stellae. Quo cibo utantur stellse si animalia sint." Sections in the ' Dialogus Adelardi, archid. Bathon. de quaestt. naturalibus.' Digby MS. (Bodl.) 11, f. 97 b .

Strasburg. A view of the city, engraved by Kilian, on the title-page of ' Pharmaco- poeia Augustana,' fol., 1613.

Suppression of Monasteries. The last pen- sion to a monk was paid in the time of Charles I. by Pym as the King's Auditor. Marginal note in Bishop Goodman's account of his own sufferings, a printed leaf.

Surnames. Roger God-save-our-ladies, an Essex tenant in Domesday. Morant's

  • Essex,' ii. 145.

Grsecized name : " Agric. Garga- lisomenus, 1543," i.e., George Tickell ! MS. (Bodl.) Auct. D. iv. 4.

Ralph Makeman, c. 1180. Bodl. Char- ters, Kent 1.

William Swetewilkin, c. 1260. Ib. 67.

John Dyiigildangyl, temp. Rich. II. Rawl. MS. (Bodl.) C. 188, f. 43 b .