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" Quedy Quail, Kettle Kephel," Trusty Trueman, Zj^lianum Stone, and Outis Ornel, excepted from, the Act of Indemnity of George I. in 1717. Names of gipsies, or fictitious ?

Thanet. Early map of the island engraved in * Acta SS.,' July, vol. iii. p. 513.

Thrip (?), near Northampton. Condition of the living, &c., in 1641. ' A Certificate from Northamptonshire,' p. 6.

Time (Definition of). " Tempus est mora motus rerum mu tab ilium." Digbv MS. (Bodl.)I.,f. 98.

Transposition of Words. Eleven words can be transposed, while retaining and remain- ing a metrical verse, 39, 916, 800 times. If a man wrote 1,200 of these every day, it would take him 91 years and 47 days. Preface to Th. Lansius's ' Consultatio Ducis Wirtembergise,' 1655. A table is given at the end of the Preface.

Anagrams on the words " ars celat " (in Latin, 32 ; German, 12 ; Italian, 12 ; find French, 8) at p. 5 of ' Epistola secunda brucinatoria (Reipublica Hermetica),' Gedani, 1681.

Wallis (Dr. John). Notices of him in 1663 in Monconys's ' Journal des Voyages,' 1666, vol. ii. pp. 48-50, 54.

Witches. Engraving of seven hanged at Newcastle in 1650. B. Gardiner's * Eng- land's Grievance Discovered,' 1655, p. 107.

Women. The toilet, dress, artifices, and extravagances of women recounted and described in the Panegyric of Jul. Jaco- bonius " ad Hippolytam Palaeottam Crassam." 4to, Bonon., 1581.

York. Account of a riot in the Minster while Lake was Dean. ' Defence of ([Lake's] Profession upon his Death -bed,' 1690, pp. 4, 5. W. D. MACRAY.

A COLLEGE HALL-BOOK OF 1401-2. (See ante, p. 393.)

To convey a fuller idea of what the diary Is like, I will copy out one week of it, the 5th of the 4th quarter, i.e., the week which began (so I reckon) on Saturday, 22 Julv, 1402 :

"Die Sabbati. Magtster Robertas Keton et irater eius et iij famuli eorum ad prandium in camera Custodis. Item ballivus de Menestoke ft Thomas Trevey et Johannes Clerk bigator et W. Tetbury et unus latamus ad prandium cum soeiis.

" Die Dominica. W. Pope ad prandium in alta mensa; et clericus eius et Johannes Clerk bigarius et W. Tetbury ad prandium et ad cenam cum sociis. Item Pykemyle ad cenam cum clericis.

"Die Lune. W. Tetbury ad prandium et ad cenam cum sociis.

"Die Martis. j bigarius portans necessaria ad opus ecclesie de Hamul [HambleJ ad prandium cum sociia. Et Willelmus Tetbury ad prandium et ad cenam cum sociis. Et Pykemyle ad cenam cum clericis.

"Die Mercurii. Johannes Sutton et clericus eius ad prandium in panetria. Item magister Thomas Hurseley ad prandium in alta mensa. Item W. Tetbury ad prandium et ad cenam cum sociis.

"Die Jovis. Magister Thomas Turk ad cenam in alta mensa. Item W. Tetbury ad prandium et ad cenam cum sociis.

"Die Veneris. Magister Nichqlaus Wykeham et ij scutiferi eiusdem ad prandium in camera custodis. Item Thomas Turk ad prandium in camera custodis."

Of these guests, Turk was a, former Fellow of the College who had been promoted to a benefice (probably Downton, Wilts). Pope and Hurseley were College officials, one being Steward of the Manors, and the other the Public Notary. Tetbury, an ex-Scholar, was a frequent guest throughout the year, but I do nat know the reason. Bobert Keton was Chancellor of the diocese, while his brother John was Precentor of St. Mary's, Southampton. Nicholas Wykeham, the Founder's kinsman and at one time Warden of his Oxford College, was now Archdeacon of Wilts and Warden of the Domus Dei at Portsmouth.

The diary contains a few references to members of the Founder's own household. " Chichester," twice mentioned, is called in one place " capellanus domini " and in another " clericus domini fundatoris." En- tries concerning " Johannes Gold camerarius domini fundatoris" and " Goulde valettus domini " relate perhaps to one and the same man. " Unus valettus domini fundatoris " had breakfast in the pantry on the 13th of June, a day when the Fellows had four players (" istriones ") dining with them.

Among guests who mealed with the Fellows during the course of the year were : 1st quarter, " Holtypes carpentarius " (10th week), " j veniens cum f rumen to " (12th), " iij f ustulatores " (13th); 2nd quarter, "duo histriones" (2nd week), "Walterus Alayn de Stokebrygge veniens pro lana" (6th), " ij fistula to res " (7th), " ij homines venientes cum brasio " (9th), " ij biga tores portantes le hyrdules pro scaffoldys " (12th); 3rd quarter, " serviens Prioris de Newerk " (2nd weak), " j homo de Westrmne afferens