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a house of Grey Friars. (Tanner's Notit. Monast. Sussex, xx, 4, in Monast. VI, 1533.)

The following churches and chapels are named in a charter to the monastery of St. Pancras, Lewes, from Seffrid II, who was Bishop of Chichester from A.D. 1180 to 1204. Many of the names I am totally unable to identify with places now known. To those, which can be recognised with any certainty, the modern title is added, if necessary. "The chapel of St. John," Southover; "the church of St. John in the castle adjoining," St. John sub castro," with the chapel of Alington; in the same castle the churches of St. Peter, and the Holy Trinity, and St. Nicholas, and St. Mary, and St. Andrew, and St. Martin, and St. Peter Westout," all in Lewes; "the church of Radmeld," Rodmil, "with the chapel of Northese; the church of Piddinghoe, and of Meechinges," Newhaven, "and of Brighthelmstone with the chapel of St. Bartholomew; the churches of Bletchington, and of Hangleton, and of Patcham, and of Powninges," Poynings, "and of Picombe, and of Ditcheninge," Ditchling, "with the chapel of Wivelsfield, and of Hadlei," West Hoathly? "and of Balcombe, and of Hardingli," Ardingly, "and of Barcombe, and of Newic, and of Southbury," Southwick? "and of Portislade, and of Grenested," West Grinsted, "and of Walderne," Waldron; "and of Hetchington," Eckington or Ripe; "and of Brestlig, and of Medlins, and of Lountham," Lordington now in Racton? "and of Rackington," Racton; "and of Stockton," Stoughton; "and of Compton, and of Ipning," Iping; "of Stedeham Brigenessera, of Hemcham, and of Lurgershall, and of Upmarden, with the chapel of Westmarden; the church of Bergham," Bargham? "of Tangmere, Slindon, and the church of Falmere, with the chapel of Burgmeria, chapel of Swanbergh, of Horsted," Keynes;. "of Dicheninge, and of Belandre," Bolney, probably, the priory possessing land there; "and of Lameria; of Stedham, with the chapel of Hedser," Heyshott; "the church of Petworth, with the chapel of Buddington," Burton; "the church of Tullington," Tillington; "and of Coate," Coates. The deed also names the "churches of Rotingden, Kingston, and Iford," with the chapels of Balsdeane in the first, and Swanbergh in the last, mentioned parish. The date is defective, "A.D. 11 . . ," but perhaps was not long after Seffrid's appointment to the bishopric. (See Horsfield's Suss. I, note to 116, and his History and Antiquities of Lewes and its Vicinity, II, App. IV.)