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There were two hospitals in Lewes. That of St. James near the gate of St. Pancras priory; and St. Nicholas in Westout (near the western entrance into the town, where four roads meet. Horsfield's Lewes) for thirteen poor brethren and sisters in each. St. Nicholas is said to owe its origin to the founder of the priory. (Tann. Sussex xx, 2, 3, in Monast. VI, 777.) Of St. James's Hospital the stonework of a window, with a fragment of one of the walls of the chancel of the hospital chapel yet remain in a field opposite the residence called Southover Priory. (Mantell's Ramble &c. 31.)—4 May A.D. 1237, Philip, chaplain and vicar of "Rottingeden," gave to Lewes priory a messuage at Lewes "in magno vico in parochia ecclesie Sancti Sepulchri;—in the high street in the parish of the Holy Sepulchre." (I find no other notice of a parish in Lewes so named. A.H.) In October 1319 the prior of Lewes alluded to a pension, then "penitus evacuata, wholly made void," formerly paid him from the churches of the Holy Trinity and St. Peter "procellis et tempestatibus penitus sine relevamine prostrat', irrecoverably prostrated by storms and tempests." (Chartulary of the Priory of St. Pancras.) The cellars of the Star Inn are a well-preserved specimen of E.E. masonry, constructed principally of chalk, and appearing, from their arrangement, to have been originally intended for their present purpose. They contain a frame of iron, which is traditionally said to have been used in the burning of those persons, who suffered at Lewes during the Marian persecutions.

159. Linch.—This is styled a chapel in (Val. Eccl.), though now ranking as a rectory. The ancient building is stated to have occupied a different site from the present. (Dallaway.) The latter was completed A.D. 1705. (Horsfield's Suss. II, 103.)

160. Linchmere.—Is only a perpetual curacy.—In this parish are some remains of the priory of Shoolbred. (Dallaway.) Wolinchmere or Shulbred priory was founded by Ralph de Ardern, though Leland calls him Ralph Ardent. (Monast. VI, 580.)

161. Lindfield.—This is a church of chancel, nave, north and south aisles with chancels, south porch with a parvise, north and south transepts, and square west tower with shingled spire. The tower may be E.E. with later windows and buttresses; it is in two stages, the upper very short. The lower part of the wall of the church, particularly the northern, is older than the upper portion, being of rubble masonry. The north transept was entirely rebuilt in the recent repairs. Body of the building Perp.