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uualdus aecclesiae sancti Petri Certeseye dederunt, aeternaliter confirmo." (Cod. Dipl. V, 14.) The charter immediately following (Ib. 15), which is from Frith wald himself, names as his gift to Chertsey, "Cirotesegt," Chertsey, "Thorp, Egeham, Chebeham," Chobham, "Gettinges, Muleseg," Molesey, "Wodeham, Huneuualdesham."—A charter of K. Edward the Confessor, without date, bestows upon Chertsey abbey ten hides of land at Waltham and the church of the same place. It does not appear whether any spot in Surrey was intended. If such was the case, the name may signify one of the Waltons, perhaps that upon Thames.

In (A.D. 1291) we find "Ecclia de Certesye, Egeham, et Chobeham;" but three vicars being named, they imply the existence of as many churches. (Val. Eccl.) notices, as belonging to Chertsey abbey, "Ecclia de Busshehele," apparently in the county of Surrey. The name may possibly signify either Bushey or Bisley, but more probably the latter, as I find no record of a church at Bushey; while Bisley is not very far from Chertsey, and adjoins Chobham, which was attached to the abbey. See the Note on Chobham.

20. Chessington.—Is only a curacy annexed to Maldon (Clergy List), which accounts for it being omitted in (A. D. 1291). It appears thus in (Val. Eccl.) under the name of Chesildon.

21. Chidingfold.—(A. D. 1291) "Ecclia de Chidingefeld cum capella." The latter is likely to have been at Haslemere; because in (Val. Eccl.) the chapel of Hasylmere is annexed to Chidingfold. The church has nave and two aisles, chancel, and a smaller on the northern side. Both chancels are E.E.; the principal one has a transition E.E. or early Dec. east window. There are two piscinæ. In the south wall of the chancel are E.E. windows, and one of those small ones near the ground, the use of which is unknown. The remainder of the edifice is partly E.E. and partly Dec., with some Perp.—"The Entingknaps" (an ancient family, formerly holding property in both Surrey and Sussex) "are said to possess a deed, which is dated before the Conquest, respecting an estate at Chidingfold." (Note to Cartwright and Dallaway's Rape of Arundel, II, part 1, 363.)

22. Chilworth.—St. Martha, the church of this place, is called a "chapel," but the payment of tithes renders it a church proper; though they are now received by a lay impropriator. The old church, though rude, was an interesting building, but sadly dilapidated and neglected. It contained an effigy upon an