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altar-tomb, a far richer monument than would be expected in such an exposed, and yet sequestered, situation. The cure is a donative.

23. Chipsted.—Beside occurring in the Taxation of Pope Nicholas IV the church of this place is noticed 24 of K. Edward L The building merits examination, having two Norm, doors and a central tower, with a general indication of antiquity. (M. & B.)

24. Chobham.—In (D. B.) "Cebeham" is mentioned among the possessions of the abbey church of Chertsey, which, with (M. & B.), I conclude to be Chobham; as that place, quite distinct from Cobham, is not far from Chertsey. It is stated, that here were "a church and another chapel; ibi æccla et alia capella;" (D. B.): which latter might very probably stand at Bisley, now an adjoining parish. Bisley however is not mentioned (unless indirectly; see the Note on Chertsey.) in (A. D. 1291), in which record the former place is spelled "Chobeham," and in (Val. Eccl.) "Chabhame."

25. Clandons, The.—According to (M. & B.) it was East Clandon, which belonged to the abbey of Chertsey, being therefore styled " Clendon Abbatis," as in (A. D. 1291); where West Clandon appears as "Clendon Regis." Consequently the Domesday church belongs to the latter, being noted in that Clandon, which was the property of Edward of Salisbury.

East Clandon.—The church is a very plain building, of which the old work is entirely concealed by modern plastering. The chancel-arch is filled in under an earlier and larger pointed one. The tracery of the three-light Dec. east window is wrought in chalk.

26. Clandon, West.—This church comprises nave, chancel, tower on the northern side of the east end of the nave, and south porch. A plain building in very unsound condition.

27. Cobham.—In (Val. Eccl.) the name is still spelled "Covehame."—The church has a Norm, doorway. (M. & B.)

28. Compton.—This church consists of chancel, nave with north and south aisles, western tower with a shingled spire, and a modern south porch. The building is late, or Tr., Norm., with E.E., Dec., Perp., and debased Perp. portions. The east end of the chancel is divided into two stories, that upon the ground having a low groined roof; the upper one contains a rude piscina, and is open toward the church westward, with the exception of a wooden screen, or arcade, which is original, and the oldest