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among the mountains of Rioja, he might have seen it in constant representation. "In many places, (says Fr. Antonio de Yepes,) the Lord works miracles annually upon a particular day; but that by which this convent is distinguished, is permanent and continual, and may be seen every month and every week, upon all days and at all hours: it is a visible and palpable miracle, seen, and as it were handled by all who chuse to witness it. For there is in this convent a kitchen, called the holy, which serves for all the travellers and guests who come there, and for all the poor who are fed there, and for all the servants of the house, so that it is never without fire, neither day nor night, and sometimes in such quantity, (being very capacious,) that many loads, and even cart-loads of wood are consumed there in a day; yet with all this consumption of fuel, there is never more ashes made than will suffice to cover the hearth. There are several other kitchens