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in the convent where the same wood is burnt, though not in the same quantity, and there the servants are obliged to clear away the ashes lest they choak the hearth, whereas none whatever are at any time removed from the holy kitchen. And what is more wonderful, and yet may also be experimented every day is, that if any of the ashes from the holy kitchen are taken for any ordinary uses, such as to make a lye for washing, or to scour a candlestick or to clean plate, it not only is of no use for such purposes, but stains, spots, and spoils whatever it is applied to, as if God had chosen that which he has set apart, and ordained for the signification of some great mystery, should be of no other use, neither serve for any other purpose. Concerning this miracle, which is so notorious and so well ascertained in the country of Rioja, I made particular enquiry (says Yepes) at different times, when I have been in the convent, both of the monks and of