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the[1] Donados, and of the servants who assist in the kitchen, and they certified me of its truth. It is related that the Catholic Queen, D. Isabel, of glorious memory, had the patience to remain a long time in the holy kitchen, and ordered many cart-loads of wood to be brought there, and laid on the fire, and when all was consumed, she could not perceive more ashes than when she first came in, so that she was convinced by her own eyes that that which she had been told was a most certain truth. Many persons have made the same experiment as the Queen, and at this time frequently make it: but it is needless to fatigue myself in citing witnesses, for all the neighbouring villages are witnesses of this miracle, and so also are the natives of Logrono and Nagara, and St. Domingo, and a number of persons who come to the

  1. A donada is a religioner not of the order of the Convent, but who has devoted himself to its service;.. a sort of servitor for life.