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Chapter III
Shillibeer runs omnibuses in opposition to a railway—Extraordinary action of the Stamp and Taxes Office—Shillibeer is ruined—He appeals to the Government for compensation—Government promises not fulfilled—Shillibeer becomes an undertaker

Shortly after dissolving partnership with Morton, Shillibeer relinquished his metropolitan business and began to run omnibuses from London to Greenwich and Woolwich, placing twenty vehicles on the road. It was a very bold step, considering that a railway from London to Greenwich had been decided upon; but there were many people who believed that the railway was doomed by his action. In fact, the following song, entitled "Shillibeer's Original Omnibus versus the Greenwich Railroad," which expressed that opinion, was sold extensively in the streets.

      "By a Joint-Stock Company taken in hand,
         A railroad from London to Greenwich is plann'd.
         But they're sure to be beat, 'tis most certainly clear,
         Their rival has got the start—George Shillibeer.