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Orphee aux Enfers.



ORPHEUS, PUBLIC OPINION, (with torch and whip.)

Op. Stop! this can't go on this way.

Or. Heavens! Public opinion persecutes me already.

Op. Yes. Public opinion which knows everything, and which comes to snatch thee to that indecent joy.

Or. What mean you?

Op. Thou shalt follow me into Olympia—at Jupiter's feet thou shalt claim thy adored wife.

Or. I claim Eurydicea? The gods forbid!

Op. For the edification of posterity, we must have at least the example of one husband who did care about his wife.

Or. But I don't love her.

Op. So much more striking will be the example.

Or. But I don't want . . . .

Op. You refuse; you prefer my revenge . . Well . .You shall lose all your lessons—they will know all . . . .

Or. Ah! pardon me.

Op. Then come with me.


Op.Come, for honor claims thee,
Honor goes before love.
I will be thy faithful guide
During that trying voyage.
Or.I go, honor calls me,
Honor goes before love.
I curse the faithful guide
During this trying voyage.