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When eager hands seek wisdom's key,
          Wise Temple Child,
          We learn of Thee!

When doubts assail, and perils fright,
When, groping blindly in the night.
We strive to read life's mystery,
          Man of the Mount,
          We turn to Thee!

When shadows of the valley fall,
When sin and death the soul appall,
One light we through the darkness see —
          Christ on the Cross,
          We cry to Thee!

And when the world shall pass away,
And dawns at length the perfect day,
In glory shall our souls made free.
          Thou God enthroned.
          Then worship Thee.


(A Selection form "Dreamthorp")


Sitting here, I incontinently find myself holding a levee of departed Christmas nights. Silently, and without special call, into my study