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Good-Bye to San Francisco—Chinese Sailors—Voyage down the Coast—Verdureless Mountains—Sunday Service at Sea—Wreck of the Golden City—Signal Rockets—The Montana—Meeting of Steamers at Night—Cape St. Lucas—Within the Tropics—A Desolate Region—Castor—Oil Whales—A Tropical Sunset at Sea—El Mar de Cortez—Arrival at Manzanillo—The Guest of Mexico—Washed up by the Sea—Sights and Scenes on Shore—Battle of Sharks and Alligators—Visitors from Colima—Gov. Cueva—Productions of Manzanillo—Tropical Fruits—Embarkation and Passage of the Flotilla up the Laguna de Cayutlan—A Charmed Circle—The Wealth of the Tropics—Wild-Flowers, Parrots and Alligators—Our Indian Rowers—Scene on the Beach—Dejected Mules—Crossing the Rio de Santa Maria—Indian Population—Battle-Ground of San Bartolo—The great Hacienda of La Calera—Life in the Tropics—Senor Huarte—Rural Mass and Sunday Scenes—Pigeon-English—Departure from La Calera—Our Coach and Six—The Custom-House Guard—Water Bearers of Mexico—Colima the Beautiful,



Colima—Night Entrance to the Ancient City—The Music of Cortez—Is it a Revolution?—In Grenada or Damascus—View from the Balcony—The Valley of Colima—Picturesque Scenes on the Streets—The Plaza and Markets—The Gardens of the Tropics—Their Flowers and Fruits—The People and Resources of Colima—Productions of the Country—The Cocoa-nut—Agua de Cocoa—Coffee and Chocolate—Linoloe—Honors to Mr. Seward—Invitation to the Palace—A Brilliant and Beautiful Scene—The Ball and Banquet—Eloquent Address of Gov. Cueva—Mr. Seward's first Speech in Mexico—A Grand Fandango—The Cotton Factories and the Operatives—Ravages of War—Visit to the Public Schools—The State-Prison and Prisoners—Curious Christening Ceremonies—The Guard of Jalisco and their Commander,



Farewell to Colima—Painful Scene at the U. S. Consulate—Departure of the Grand Cavalcade—The Country and the People—The Barranca