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Statistics—An Unpopular Institution—Steamer Arrival—A Mixed Cargo—Sunday Amusements in Vera Cruz—Bear and For Bear—How the California Bear Sampson Entertained the Mexican Bull—Amateur Bull-Fighting—The Amateur's Story of His Experiences—The Castle of San Juan de Ulloa—What it was and What it is—A Great Work in Ruins—The Dungeons and Political Prisoners—The Fate of General Castillo—"Who Enters Here Leaves Hope Behind—Mementoes of the Last French Invasion—The Perplexities of the Author—The Ranchero and His Pig—The Horse and the Zapilotes—Which Whipped?



Mr. Seward's Farewell Letters to the Members of the Juarez Government and Others—Voyage from Vera Cruz to Yucatan—Sisal—Its People, Trade and Specialities—The Highest-Roofed Theatre on Earth—Visitors from Merida—Letter from the Governor of Yucatan—Our Last View of Mexico Adios!