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Mayo—The Pronunciamento of the Sierra—Excursion to the Ancient City of Tlaxcala—The Castles of the Four great Chiefs of the Tlaxcalan Republic—The Banner of Cortez and Ancient Archives—The Secret of the Gold Placers—The Virgin of Tlaxcala—The Oldest Church on the Continent—The Miracle of Tlaxcala—Carrying Dead-Heads—An Excursion to Cholula—Novel and Enthusiastic Reception—The Music of Other Days—Mr. Seward's Address to the Cholulans—Time's Revenges—Strange Commingling of the Past and Present—The Great Pyramid—A New Theory Concerning It—The Cathedral of Puebla—Its Wonderful Wealth and Beauty—Other Objects of Interest—Buried Treasure—An Imposition—Guatamozin's Last Will—Protestantism in Puebla,



From Puebla to Orizaba—Last Diligence Ride in Mexico—Amazoc and Its Iron-Workers—Eccentricities of the People—Bargaining for Spurs—A Mexican Bridge-Builder—An Aztec Tower and Sun-Dial—Daring Feat of a Guerrilla,—The Home of the Palm and the Maguey—A Colored Gentleman in Mexico—Buying Cigars—The Rural Guard—A Change of Scene—Las Cumbres—Wonderful Scenery—Descent into the Tierra Caliente—Orizaba,



A City with a Past and Future but No Present—Grass-Grown Streets—The Indian Packers and How They Take in Ballast—Battle-Scarred Churches—Outrages Committed by Maximilian's Troops—The French Colonel—A Woman's Revenge—Curious Christmas Festivities—Playing the Devil—A Whole Community Gambling—Stoicism of the Losers—The Falls of the Rincon Grande—A Tropical Paradise—Hacienda de San Antonio and How They Make Sugar—Coffee Plantations—Resources of Mexico—The Great Conducta—Its Encampment at Orizaba and March to Vera Cruz—How Silver is Carried and Handled in Mexico—The Indian Specie-Counters at Vera Cruz—Reminiscence of the Mexican War,



Resting at Orizaba—Ascent of the Sierra Borregas—Visit to an Indian Village—Departure for Vera Cruz—Magnificent Scenery of the Chiquihuite Pass—The Great Railway Bridge—Reception at Vera Cruz—The Specialities of the City—Souvenirs of Past Conflicts—The Zapilotes—A Lively Hotel—Lotteries—The Chain-Gang—A Private Quarrel—Curious