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Religion and the Arts—Our Lady of Guadaloupe—How the Virgin Appeared as an Indian "Woman to Juan Diego—Story of the Apparition and the Erection of the Church and Chapel—Our Lady of the Remedios—The Shrine of Guadaloupe, and the great Annual Pilgrimage to it—A Visit to the Church—Scenes Outside and Inside—Sale of Books and Charms—The old Bell-Makers—The Offering of a Spanish Rover—The Miraculous Fountain—Boring for Oil—A Religious Picnic—Home of the Inquisition and Plaza de San Domingo—The Protestant Missions in Mexico—Protestantism—Statement of Rev. H. Chauncey Riley and His Appeal for Funds in Aid of the Work—The National School of Art and Design—Pictures Old and New—The Art Galleries—Department of Coins and Medals—The College of Mines—Rare Collection of Minerals,



Social Condition and Customs—The Women of Mexico—Their Character and Social Condition—Curious Phases of Social Life—The Children of Mexico—Trade of the City—The Beggars—The Ancient Customs and Superstitions of Southern Europe—The Evil Eye—Hospitable Treatment of Guests—Courtesy Misconstrued—The Story of Uncle Freddy, alias Washington the Second—Norton the First—The Chinese Princess—How Uncle Freddy Became the Guest of Mexico—Foreigners in Mexico—Sharp Business Transactions—Devotion of the Women and Their Sympathy for the Unfortunate—How Mr. Fitch was Swindled—Honoring the Uniform—Mr. Seward's Fossil Elephant and what became of it—Politeness of the Servants—Census Taking in Mexico,



The Soldiers of Mexico—The Invalid Corps—The Press—Literary and Musical Attainments—A Persevering Printer—Immigration—Public Improvements—The Great Need of Mexico—The Political Situation—Its Hopeful and its Discouraging Aspects—Moral Responsibility of the United States—Advocates of Annexation—A Plea for Mexico,



Departure from the Capital—By Rail to Puebla—The Pulque Country—The Pyramids of Tehuacan—Battle Field of Otumba—The Grandest Mountains of the Continent—Orizaba, Popocatépetl, La Muger En Blanco and the Malinchi—The City of Puebla by Daylight and Moonlight—War's Desolation—Siege and Capture of Puebla—Cinco De