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and christian tracts throughout the republic with great effect. He sends them to governors of states, and many of the most influential men in the nation. Many young men are preparing for the gospel ministry. How great would be the evil if the Bible were taken away from the people in the United States; how great would be the gift and its blessings, were it given to the people in Mexico, widely and generally. Numbers are beginning to read, and love, and follow its teachings. Most of the great, advance, liberal movements in Mexico have commenced among the poor. Multitudes of the poor are now enthusiastically joining the gospel movement in Mexico, and are full of hope, expecting to gain glorious victories for Jesus and His truth, in this beautiful but benighted land. I hope that American christians may take an interest in this gospel work in Mexico. Funds in aid of it can be sent—stating the object for which they are sent, viz: the gospel work connected with the Mission in the City of Mexico—to Rev. Dr. Butler, American and Foreign Christian Union, 27 Bible House, New York.

The little effort already put forth in behalf of Mexico has obtained marvelous results, through God's blessing, and ought to encourage American christians to greater effort. A Mexican who has been connected with the army, purchased a Bible some time since at his wife's request. The latter determined to find the ten commandments, and by them decide whether or no the Roman clergy in their teaching were faithful to the Word of God. On reading several times the second commandment which the Roman church suppresses, dividing the tenth into two, she stood up and walked across the room to where she had a picture of the Virgin Mary, that she was specially fond of worshiping, took it down from the wall and put it into the fire. Her husband, Ponce de Leon by name, was the hero of the defence, during the recent attack made by the mob, led on by two curates dressed in citizen's dress, on some christians, when assembled on a Sunday in Pueblo. He has established many evangelical congregations and expects to gather a hundred more before the end of next year. More self-sacrificing, heroic, devoted, zealous and faithful christians than they