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are it would be difficult to meet. That one Bible that was purchased and read by them, has already been the means of great good. The Spanish publications of the American Tract Society, are intensely useful to us. Would that they might supply us with them more generously.
A Roman Catholic presbyter, from deep conviction abandoned the Roman church. His example deeply influenced his congregation. He was cruelly persecuted by the Roman clergy during the French intervention, on the pretext that he was a liberal, and after having, as they thought, "degraded him" by removing the skin from the crown of his head, and fingers, they had him shot. The instant before they fired on him he exclaimed:

"May Jesus reign!"

A father died and left his two sons, among other property an image which they both specially valued. When they came to divide the property they got to quarreling about the image, furiously. A member of an evangelical congregation passing by at the time and ascertaining the origin of the quarrel, siezed a hatchet and split the image in two. The sons then turned on him, but he quieted them, inviting them to the evangelical congregation and advising them to seek Jesus. An aged father took his son who attended an evangelical congregation, to a Roman Catholic missionary, that the latter might argue with him, with the object of inducing him to return to the Roman church. The said missionary commenced to draw a comparison which the son turned against him very prettily. The missionary asked the young man what would be thought of a person who, on receiving a crown full of diamonds for safe keeping, while its royal owner was absent from his realms, should begin to remove the diamonds and substitute them with bits of glass. The son interrupted him, and said to him that that was what the Roman church had done with the teachings of the Bible; substituting many of its precepts with the doctrines of men, and then went on to prove his point. The father became convinced that the truth was on his son's side, and instead of his