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Go then, thou Mightiest, in thy Father's might,710
Ascend my chariot, guide the rapid wheels
That shake Heaven's basis, bring forth all my war,
My bow and thunder, my almighty arms
Gird on, and sword upon thy puissant thigh;
Pursue these sons of darkness, drive them out
From all Heaven's bounds into the upper Deep:
There let them learn, as likes them, to despise
God and Messiah his anointed King.'
"He said, and on his Son with rays direct
Shone full; he all his Father full expressed720
Ineffably into his face received;
And thus the filial Godhead answering spake;
"'O Father, O Supreme of heavenly Thrones,
First, Highest, Holiest, Best, thou always seekest
To glorify thy Son, I always thee,
As is most just. This I my glory account,
My exaltation, and my whole delight,
That thou in me well pleased declarest thy will
Fulfilled, which to fulfil is all my bliss.
Sceptre and power, thy giving, I assume,730
And gladlier shall resign when in the end
Thou shalt be all in all, and I in thee
For ever, and in me all whom thou lovest:
But whom thou hatest I hate, and can put on
Thy terrors, as I put thy mildness on,
Image of thee in all things; and shall soon,