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Armed with thy might, rid Heaven of these rebelled,
To their prepared ill mansion driven down,
To chains of darkness, and the undying worm,
That from thy just obedience could revolt,740
Whom to obey is happiness entire.
Then shall thy Saints unmixed, and from the impure
Far separate, circling thy holy mount
Unfeigned Hallelujahs to thee sing,
Hymns of high praise, and I among them chief'
"So said he, o'er his sceptre bowing, rose
From the right hand of glory where he sat;
And the third sacred morn began to shine,
Dawning through Heaven. Forth rushed with whirlwind-sound
The chariot of Paternal Deity,750
Flashing thick flames, wheel within wheel, undrawn,
Itself instinct with spirit, but convoyed
By four cherubic shapes. Four faces each
Had wonderous; as with stars their bodies all
And wings were set with eyes, with eyes the wheels
Of beryl, and careering fires between;
Over their heads a crystal firmament,
Whereon a sapphire throne, inlaid with pure
Amber and colors of the showery arch.
He in celestial panoply all armed760
Of radiant Urim, work divinely wrought,