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And every creeping thing that creeps the ground.'
This said, he formed thee, Adam, thee, O man,
Dust of the ground, and in thy nostrils breathed
The breath of life; in his own image he
Created thee, in the image of God
Express, and thou becamest a living soul.
Male he created thee, but thy consort
Female, for race; then blessed mankind, and said:
'Be fruitful, multiply, and fill the earth;531
Subdue it, and thoughout dominion hold,
Over fish of the sea, and fowl of the air,
And every living thing that moves on the earth.'—
Wherever thus created, for no place
Is yet distinct by name, thence, as thou knowest,
He brought thee into this delicious grove,
This garden, planted with the trees of God,
Delectable both to behold and taste;
And freely all their pleasant fruit for food540
Gave thee; all sorts are here that all the earth yields,
Variety without end; but of the tree,
Which tasted works knowledge of good and evil,
Thou mayest not; in the day thou eatest, thou diest.
Death is the penalty imposed; beware,
And govern well thy appetite, lest Sin
Surprse thee, and her black attendant Death.
"Here finished he, and all that he had made
Viewed, and behold! all was entirely good.