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So even and morn accomplished the sixth day;550
Yet not till the Creator, from his work
Desisting, though unwearied, up returned,
Up to the Heaven-of-heavens, his high abode,
Thence to behold this new created World
The addition of his empire, how it shewed
In prospect from his throne, how good, how fair,
Answering his great idea. Up he rode,
Followed with acclamation and the sound
Symphonious of ten thousand harps, that tuned
Angelic harmonies. The earth, the air560
Resounded—thou rememberest,for thou heardest—
The heavens and all the constellations rung,
The planets in their stations listening stood,
While the bright pomp ascended jubilant.
'Open, ye everlasting gates!' they sung,
'Open, ye Heavens, your living doors! Let in
The great Creator from his work returned
Magnificent, his six days' work, a world.
Open, and henceforth oft; for God will deign
To visit oft the dwellings of just men,570
Delighted, and, with frequent intercourse,
Thither will send his winged messengers
On errands of supernal grace.' So sung
The glorious train ascending. He through Heaven,
That opened wide her blazing portals, led
To God's eternal house direct the way,