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A broad and ample road, whose dust is gold,
And pavement stars, as stars to thee appear,
Seen in the Galaxy, that milky way,
Which nightly as a circling zone thou seest580
Powdered with stars.—And now on Earth the seventh
Evening arose in Eden, for the sun
Was set, and twilight from the east came on,
Forerunning night; when at the holy mount
Of Heaven's high-seated top, the imperial throne
Of Godhead, fixed for ever firm and sure,
The Filial Power arrived, and sat him down
With his great Father; for he also went
Invisible, yet stayed—such privilege
Hath Omnipresence—and the work ordained,590
Author and end of all things, and, from work
Now resting, blessed and hallowed the seventh day,
As resting on that day from all his work;
But not in silence holy kept. The harp
Had work and rested not; the solemn pipe
And dulcimer, all organs of sweet stop,
All sounds on fret, by string or golden wire,
Tempered soft tunings, intermixed with voice
Choral or unison; of incense clouds,
Fuming from golden censers, hid the mount.600
Creation and the six days' acts they sung:
'Great are thy works, Jehovah! infinite