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Thy power! what thought can measure thee, or tongue
Relate thee? greater now in thy return
Than from the Giant-angels. Thee that day
Thy thunders magnified; but to create
Is greater than created to destroy.
Who can impare thee, mighty King, or bound
Thy empire? Easily the proud attempt
Of Spirits apostate, and their counsels vain,610
Thou hast repelled, while impiously they thought
Thee to diminish, and from thee withdraw
The number of thy worshipers. Who seeks
To lessen thee, against his purpose, serves
To manifest the more thy might; his evil
Thou usest, and from thence greatest more good.
Witness this new-made World, another Heaven
From Heaven-gate not far, founded in view
On the clear hyaline, the glassy sea;
Of amplitude almost immense, with stars620
Numerous, and every star perhaps a world
Of destined habitation; but thou knowest
Their seasons. Among these the seat of men,
Earth, with her nether ocean circumfused,
Their pleasant dwelling-place. Thrice happy men,
And sons of men! whom God hath thus advanced,
Created in his image, there to dwell
And worship him, and in reward to rule
Over his works on earth, in sea, or air,